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I came across these beautiful images from a recent shoot that Nicole did for USA Today.

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Nicole attended this week’s CMA Awards where Keith won Entertainer of the Year! I love watching how these two support each other. Here is a video of Keith winning and accepting his award with Nicole by his side …

… and there are some images from the event in our gallery!

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These shots are beautiful! I love these images from the Allure feature.

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Nicole is featured on the cover of the December 2018/January 2019 issue of Allure magazine for their Out of the Office issue.

With her aquatic life and stratospheric career, Nicole Kidman is a creature of two realms. Starring roles in three new movies prove that she is as relevant — and impassioned — as ever.

Every single one of God’s creatures in this wine bar is looking at Nicole Kidman, who gracefully excuses herself from our shared Caesar salad to float to the bathroom. As soon as Kidman gets up, a voraciously chatty woman nearby, who has been eyeing Kidman over her husband’s shoulder, stops trash-talking her next-door neighbor midsentence. The sole waitress watches Kidman cautiously from afar. Maybe they are gazing through her translucent skin, or wondering why Nicole Kidman, celebrated movie star, is dining at a strip mall wine bar at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, or perhaps they have never before seen a citizen of Oceania, a rare demographic in Nashville that comprises .2 percent of the populace. Regardless, they are joined in watching her amble preternaturally toward the bathroom, eyes trained on her legs, because no human being walks the way Nicole Kidman walks.

Arms rigidly pressed to her sides, posture geometrically perfect, she moves at the pace of one step every two seconds, like a local deity blessing onlookers with her presence and some scattered eye contact. When Kidman says hello to the gossipmonger near us, the woman doesn’t say anything, focusing all of her energy on not imploding. She can’t eke out a single syllable while beholding Nicole Kidman, queen of 360 Bistro, empress of this West Nashville strip mall, acclaimed actor, gazelle on two legs, moving glacially about the wine bar.

“Something you need to be aware of,” begins Karyn Kusama, who directed Kidman in this fall’s Destroyer, “is that she is legitimately statuesque.”

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This weekend Nicole was honored at the Hollywood Film Awards. As she walked the red carpet she did multiple interviews on various topics. Watch clips from these interviews here.

Nicole Kidman Says Everything She Does Is ‘Motivated’ By Her Children

Nicole Kidman Clears Up Rumors She Drove to ‘Boy Erased’ Premiere with Flat Tire

Nicole Kidman’s Daughters Worked On ‘Big Little Lies’ & Reveals Her Motivation For Their Casting!

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – For Nicole Kidman, this holiday season brings a tale of two drastically different mothers.

On Friday, “Boy Erased” begins expanding into theaters across the country, based on the true story of a Baptist family grappling with their son (played by Lucas Hedges) coming out. His preacher father Marshall (Russell Crowe) is ashamed and decides to send Jared off to Christian-based gay conversion therapy. His mother, Nancy (Kidman), silently acquiesces.

Then this Christmas, Kidman takes the lead in “Destroyer” (out Dec. 25), a crime noir in which she plays Erin Bell, an alcoholic LAPD detective who has largely abdicated parenting duties to her teenage daughter as she throws herself into a decades-long quest to bring down a gang leader she failed to nab years before.

The pair of tour de force performances are earning Kidman raves and Oscar predictions.

“I’m playing mothers who are on different ends of the spectrum,” says Kidman, 51, a frothy cappuccino quickly losing heat by her side. In “Destroyer,” Erin “is working through enormous pain and shame and wreckage,” she says, while Arkansas mom Nancy “is all love-based, is all about her child and still had to navigate through something that she did to him that she now feels incredibly ashamed about.”

Conversion therapy, an attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity through tactics that range from hypnosis to shaming, is still common across the United States. “I didn’t have any idea it existed,” Kidman says. “I was just like, ‘Is this real? Still?’ ”

According to a UCLA study, 698,000 LGBTQ Americans have undergone some form of conversion therapy. This year, almost 50 bills have been introduced targeting the discredited medical practice in 24 states, but even if they pass, church- or preacher-organized therapy would not be covered under the law.

Joel Edgerton, who directs (and stars in) “Boy Erased,” which is based on the 2016 memoir by Garrard Conley, knows his film is landing as the Trump administration is moving to define gender at birth, a pledge that clearly targets the LGBTQ community.

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Deadline gives us a run down of Nicole’s performance from Destroyers and a highlight into her interview as part of the Contenders Panel.

Any fan of Nicole Kidman would have recognized the willowy, red-headed Australian actress as soon as she appeared on stage this weekend for the Annapurna presentation at Deadline’s The Contenders award-season event in Los Angeles. That wasn’t the case a few minutes later, however, when the DGA Theater’s screen showed scenes from Destroyer with a visage of Kidman that was startlingly unfamiliar.

In Destroyer Kidman portrays Erin Bell, who as a young police officer infiltrated a fearsome desert gang. That assignment led to wrenching tragedy. When the leader of that gang later eventually returns Bell goes back to finish the job — or to be finished by demons and choices that still haunt her.

Kidman’s face, bearing and eyes all reflect that history in Destroyer, which was directed by Karyn Kusama (Girlfight) and the cast also includes Sebastian Stan, Toby Kebbell,Tatiana Maslany and Bradley Whitford. On Saturday, when Deadline’s Pete Hammond asked Kidman about the grueling production, she said she was proud of her work but that the pleasure wasn’t in the moment.

“Is the artistic path enjoyable? Oh my gosh I’m so, so grateful to have the passion I have for what I do. But [there are] certain characters you’re going to play that you’re going to have to go and exist in a different space for. It’s almost like a different realm. And because there’s rage and shame and mistrust and pain and also, there’s a deeply sensitive person in there. That’s a very jarring place to exist for an extended period of time.”

Kusama said her work with the dedicated Kidman on the project was an amazing experience.

“I had never hd the opportunity to be so creatively linked and aligned with an actor. There were moments when Nicole and I would look at each other and I would start to say ‘Could we try…’ and she would say ‘I think we need to try…’ and it would be a fill-in-the-blank of what I actually had been thinking. I felt like there was this psychic thread between us which was a really deeply, deeply satisfying and exhilirating way to work.”

Destroyer premiered in late August at the Telluride Film Festival. Its domestic release is Christmas Day. Kusama explained that the film’s bleak world was born on the page with a noir story that screenwriters Phil Hay (the director’s husband) and Matt Manfredi had circled for years.

“They had brought this original screenplay to me and had been talking about the themes for years, the themes of personal responsibility and moral accountability embedded in a crime thriller with a really interesting woman and a complicated woman at the center of it,” Kusama said.

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