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Nicole Kidman Says Keith Urban Watched ‘A Lot’ Of ‘Big Little Lies’ S2 & Knows ‘All The Secrets’

Nicole Kidman Dishes On The Moment She Knew She Wanted To Marry Keith Urban

Entertainment Tonight
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Red Carpet Interview

E! News
Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Preach Importance of Music Fans

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Last night Nicole attended the Academy of Country Music Awards where Keith was nominated (and won) Entertainer of the Year. Nicole wore a beautiful black lace and silver gown designed by Christopher Kane.

BTW – Congratulations to Keith … he totally deserved it! I attended his concert this summer and it was amazing!

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Nicole did an interview with The Guardian talking about her roles in Big Little Lies and The Destroyer and about the way women are treated.

The actor opens up about her good-cop-gone-bad role, working with Meryl Streep on Big Little Lies, and carving a path for the next generation

Female anti-heroes are, thankfully, no longer a novelty – think The Bride in Kill Bill or Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Yet the character Nicole Kidman plays in her latest thriller Destroyer is something quite different.

“A lot of times if you are going to be a female in an action film, they want you to look gorgeous, be bad-ass, be capable of firing guns and doing high kicks and still having lipstick and being svelte and being in a whole different class of action hero,” says Kidman, on the line from New York where she’s filming The Undoing opposite Hugh Grant.

“This is gritty and raw and totally authentic. It’s very different to give screen time – and this amount of screen time – to a woman who looks like this, who behaves like this, who is riddled with shame and anger and fury and rage, yet is also a mother and not a good mother.”

Directed by Karyn Kusama, Destroyer tells the story of Erin Bell, a worn-down police detective, drawn back into an old case that left her traumatised.

In many ways, it’s a typical good-cop-gone-bad film in the vein of Dirty Harry or Mad Max, those 70s action films that traditionally have a male lead as the lone wolf-type character.

Making her a mother is an unusual twist. Bell clearly has plenty to lose, and it was the pathos of this situation that drew Kidman to the story. “[Despite everything] she’s still trying to make a better life for her daughter.”

It added an extra level of truth for Kidman. “[This] is a woman who can’t express herself, she can’t say I love you, she sabotages her own life [and] the other people who love her, that is incredibly relevant. It’s also very real. If you’re in this world and you look around, there are so many people existing in that state of being and it’s devastating.”

Her performance in the film has been critically acclaimed: Variety declared “Nothing Nicole Kidman has done in her career can prepare you for Destroyer”, while Guardian UK described it as “a powerhouse performance by Nicole Kidman in her best role since To Die For”.

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I have added ultra high quality captures of Nicole’s role as Queen Atlanna in Aquaman to the gallery.

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I came across a beautiful photoshoot that Nicole did at the end of last year and have added it to our gallery.

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Nicole and her Big Little Lies castmates attended the TCA Winter Press Tour this week in preparation for the second season!

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Nicole shared the first images that HBO has released from the new season of Big Little Lies.

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Yesterday Nicole decked in a white suit by Ermanno Scervino attended the premiere of her film Destroyer in Sydney, Australia.

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In 1995, Vanity Fair launched 10 of the most promising actresses of a generation. The issue went on to inspire countless imitations. Now, Krista Smith talks with the iconic stars about the clothes, the controversy, and creating history with legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Gwyneth Paltrow: I’ve had this very long, amazing, and very public career, and that cover was the first articulation of what was to come. I kept thinking I didn’t deserve to be there. I was young and those women were the biggest stars of the day—I mean, I don’t even think I was going out with Brad Pitt yet! It was this indelible moment for me because in some way it defined my daydream coming true.

Nicole Kidman: I just remember being amazed that I was included. I’d done ‘Days of Thunder’ and ‘Malice’ and I was feeling like, “How did I get this? This is incredible.”

Patricia Arquette: I remember them talking about how it haven’t been done before. All these actresses, tons of makeup people everywhere. Wardrobe people, and all these different clothes.

Angela Bassett: Being in this crowd of people and being called to be a part of it was really wonderful, and I won’t say intimidating … but I was the only woman of color in that room. You’re that one in the room. Just that one. But many came after.

Uma Thurman: Being on Vanity Fair was always a sort of benchmark of achievement. It was definitely always an honor that somehow or another you’ve done or been involved with some good work and it was being recognized.

Sandra Bullock: I’m not comfortable in my own skin in front of a still camera. Moving camera, as long as I’m not having to look at you, you just catch what I’m doing. Still camera, forget it. I will do everything I possibly can to avoid being in a photo shoot. Annie Leibovitz was so relaxed and great, but I literally was trying to just shove myself in a corner and you can kind of see that in the photo. I was like how far off screen can I go and still be a part of this amazing group of women.

AB: Sandra was just adorable, we were asked to be the model and she was so not the model and was like ‘how should I stand?’ It was very endearing and charming. I didn’t know how to stand either and oh my God when I see the pictures, one of my hands looks like the claw!

Jennifer Jason Leigh: We didn’t know this would become an annual thing, and what’s so fun about seeing each year since is that whoever is on the cover is going to make an imprint in some way on our society. A performance, a role, or a debut—and it’s kind of incredible when you look back.

Julianne Moore: I had just moved to L.A. and had totally changed my life. I barely had my bearings, and I don’t think I was even a very good driver at that point, and then there I was on the cover, which ended up as a billboard on Sunset Boulevard!

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Last night Nicole attended the Critics Choice Awards where she presented the award for Best Actor to Christian Bale. She looked beautiful in a black and white strapless gown from Armani Privé.

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