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Nicole talked with Vanity Fair during the Toronto Film Festival about how she’s successful on, and off the set.

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In Lion, Nicole Kidman plays the adoptive mother of Dev Patel’s central character Saroo, a boy who was separated from his mother at age five. The film has already been wowing critics at Toronto International Film Festival, and Kidman’s performance, Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson notes, is a standout. Kidman has been a household name for decades, and has transformed into a myriad of characters throughout her time in Hollywood. As Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith sat down with Kidman, they chatted about the film, Kidman’s approach to work-life balance, and her surprisingly long relationship with co-star Rooney Mara.

“I always say, ‘I’m not a voyeur—I’m a participator,’” Kidman said. “And I like being in life. It’s a gift, this life, and I just love the adventure of it. I also have a really solid, wonderful family and relationship, so I can nourish and then go out and have sort of a crazy creative life, as well.”

When it comes to Lion, one of the most exciting parts for Kidman is that her character is Australian—and therefore she didn’t have to put on any sort of accent to play the role. (“People don’t realize, when you’re doing an accent, that’s extra work.”)

As a long-term player in Hollywood, Kidman notes she knows “pretty much everybody in this industry.” But of course, some relationships go further back than others—and in the case of Kidman and her co-star Mara, who plays Saroo’s girlfriend, Lucy, things go way back.

“Strangely enough, I’ve known Rooney since she was little, because I knew her mother,” Kidman said. “Her mom and dad. And my ex-husband (Tom Cruise) and I used to go to the Giants games, and I’d see Kate [Mara] and Rooney there. Isn’t that crazy? And now she’s all grown up.”

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Dev Patel, Rooney Mara and Nicole Kidman star in the true story of Saroo Brierley, who was adopted by an Australian couple after being separated from his family in India at the age of five, and then located his original home using Google Earth 25 years later. Damnit Maurie sat down with Nicole Kidman to chat about love, family and fame

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Keith Urban spoke with Hits Daily Double recently and in the interview talked about Nicole and how their marriage has effected his music.

You’ve always had a strong undertow of pro-female songs, like “Stupid Boy,” “Cop Car” and Ripcord’s “The Fighter” with Carrie Underwood. Are you a feminist?
I love Joseph Campbell. He talks a lot about the women-power movement, how the whole thing got so extreme and women got very hardened over by it. The pressure of it all made women tough, and I want to support the purity and beauty of women, that feminine piece of it, so the beauty doesn’t become hardened into something that paves over what’s special. People, especially women, talk about being thick-skinned, and I want to say, “I’m so sorry. What happened?” To be raw and vulnerable, that’s the beauty of it.

A lot of those really simple, tough lines in “The Fighter” are straight from early in my relationship with Nic. I had such a learning curve in our marriage! When she’d get scared, I’d think she was angry; then I’d get defensive, go tearing out the driveway at 90 miles an hour. And that’s when it all gets pear-shaped. What she needs, and it’s all in the song, is for me to stay, to be close, to hear her. Get Closer: the album title alone was literally from this new awareness I had with this reality of how to react. When things are tough or upsetting, it’s about pulling her close. That’s what she needs, and I had to learn it.

It was like that with “Stupid Boy.” Sarah Buxton had put out an album and I was listening on the bus. I said to Nic, “I need a song like that.” And she said, “Why don’t you do this song?” And I was thinking it was a woman singing. Nicole was so clear: “You’re the stupid boy. Sing the whole song, and then at the end put it out there.”

It sounds very powerful.
First and foremost, my marriage with Nic informs everything. Nic is so unbelievably open; she doesn’t keep things in or bottle them up. She’s really a great communicator. Because of her, if I open up, every day, I’m listening and growing and learning. If I’m a better man, it’s because of her.

To read the entire interview go here.

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So far I have two portraits that Nicole did during her time at the Toronto International Film Festival which have been added to our gallery.

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Added another event from Toronto … this time from the Variety Studio where Nic and her co-stars did an interview.

A huge thank you to Marica for sharing these pics!

Gallery Links:
Nicole Kidman Online > September 10 | Toronto International Film Festival – Variety Studio

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I have always loved the friendship that Nicole shares with Naomi Watts. Naomi shared this image on instagram of her and Nicole from TIFF.

When you run into your #bff ?even for one second, it's a winning moment. #tff #loveyoutothemoon ❤️

A photo posted by Naomi Watts (@naomiwatts) on

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In her new film Lion, Nicole plays the adoptive mother of a young boy. During an interview at the Toronto Film Festival she talked about her personal experience of being the adopted mother of her two children Isabella and Connor.

The mother of two adopted kids with former husband Tom Cruise plays an adoptive mother in the Weinstein Company biopic ‘Lion,’ which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

It wasn’t long before Nicole Kidman, the mother of two adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise, was asked Sunday at the Toronto International Film Festival about playing one half of a true-life Australian couple who adopt a 5-year-old street kid from Calcutta in the Weinstein Company pic Lion.

“For me, this is a film about the power of mothers, whichever form they come in, whether or biological or adoptive,” the actress told a press conference for director Garth Davis’ biopic that also stars Dev Patel and Rooney Mara. The drama based on Saroo Brierley’s memoir A Long Way Home also portrays Patel as an adult setting out to find his lost family in India.

“When you have good love like that, you flourish. However it comes your way, it comes. So it’s obviously emotional for me,” added Kidman.

Patel told the Bell Lightbox presser that researching his role in Lion took him to a region of India where severely disabled children are adopted out to overseas families.

“They mostly go to America or Australia. I was just astounded by that fact, that someone would take that into their lives, and give someone a great life and an opportunity. I think it’s just beautiful,” he said.

TIFF continues through Sept. 18.


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Last night Nicole was in Toronto, Canada at the Toronto Film Festival where she was promoting her new film Lion. She looked stunning in a sparkly gown by Nina Ricci which she accessorized with shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti and Fred Leighton jewelry.

A huge thank you to Marica for sharing some of these amazing pics!

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