Nicole talked with Vanity Fair during the Toronto Film Festival about how she’s successful on, and off the set.

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In Lion, Nicole Kidman plays the adoptive mother of Dev Patel’s central character Saroo, a boy who was separated from his mother at age five. The film has already been wowing critics at Toronto International Film Festival, and Kidman’s performance, Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson notes, is a standout. Kidman has been a household name for decades, and has transformed into a myriad of characters throughout her time in Hollywood. As Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith sat down with Kidman, they chatted about the film, Kidman’s approach to work-life balance, and her surprisingly long relationship with co-star Rooney Mara.

“I always say, ‘I’m not a voyeur—I’m a participator,’” Kidman said. “And I like being in life. It’s a gift, this life, and I just love the adventure of it. I also have a really solid, wonderful family and relationship, so I can nourish and then go out and have sort of a crazy creative life, as well.”

When it comes to Lion, one of the most exciting parts for Kidman is that her character is Australian—and therefore she didn’t have to put on any sort of accent to play the role. (“People don’t realize, when you’re doing an accent, that’s extra work.”)

As a long-term player in Hollywood, Kidman notes she knows “pretty much everybody in this industry.” But of course, some relationships go further back than others—and in the case of Kidman and her co-star Mara, who plays Saroo’s girlfriend, Lucy, things go way back.

“Strangely enough, I’ve known Rooney since she was little, because I knew her mother,” Kidman said. “Her mom and dad. And my ex-husband (Tom Cruise) and I used to go to the Giants games, and I’d see Kate [Mara] and Rooney there. Isn’t that crazy? And now she’s all grown up.”

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