Nicole talked with the Daily Mail about raising her daughters with Keith Urban.

The actress has two young daughters, Sunday Rose, eight, and Faith, five, with husband Keith Urban, as well as an adult son and daughter with Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman stole the show in a stunning leg-bombing black dress tonight, as she led famous faces at her Lion premiere in London.

And the star, 49, flashed a huge smile as she met fans, before opening up about the dread she feels about her youngest children growing up.

The Oscar-winning actress has two young daughters, Sunday Rose, eight, and Faith, five, with husband Keith Urban, as well as an adult son and daughter with Tom Cruise.

Arriving at the BFI London Film Festival to promote her movie, in which she plays the adoptive mother of a young boy from India, she told the Press Association: “My maternal instincts are very strong.

“I’m raising two little girls right now and I have two adult children, but Keith, my husband, always says ‘you’re so maternal’, which I take as a compliment, but I will be sad when there is not a five-year-old in the house.

“I think of that. But at least my sister has some under-5s so I still get a little bit of that.”

Lion tells the true story of Saroo Brierley, a little boy from a rural township in India who fell asleep on a train carriage and was trapped on board when it departed, taking him hundreds of miles from home.

After ending up in an orphanage, he was adopted by an Australian couple until he became haunted by lucid memories of his past and uses Google Earth to search for his family in India.

Nicole, who plays Sue Brierley, said: “It’s a true story, it actually happened and I found it incredible that he could go, through memory and Google Earth, to find his birth mother.

“The idea of the destiny of a child was very powerful to me.”

The adult Saroo is played by Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel, whom Kidman was quick to lavish praise on.

She said: “He’s delightful and funny and down to earth and a good catch! I don’t know if he has a girl but he’s a good catch.”

Patel, who first found fame on TV show Skins, said this was the role he related to the most in his career.

He told the Press Association: “I really discovered India when I shot Slumdog and I went there with Danny Boyle and this is a boy who was born in India but grew up in Australia and had to go back and rediscover it in search of his mother, so I related to that in a big way, it’s a modern role for me.

“There is a young child playing the younger Saroo and when I step into it it’s a metropolitan young film and I could relate to a lot of that.”

Patel, who has made a large number of films in India since the Oscar-winning Slumdog – including The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel films and the upcoming dramatisation of the Mumbai terror attacks – added: “It’s important to breathe life into stories, it’s about making film-making more diverse… and I’m in a very privileged position that I can go there and make films on an international scale.”

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