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Nicole spoke with Keith at the AFI Fest about celebrating her 10th anniversary with Keith!

Nicole Kidman recently celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with husband Keith Urban and she shared her secret to her happy marriage.

“Just love. Just love each other, lavish each other with love,” she told PEOPLE at a special screening of her latest film Lion at the AFI Fest in Los Angeles on Friday night. “Also we just happen to like each other too. That works.”

Urban and Kidman have two children together. Kidman also shares two children with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

The role she played in the film as the adopted mother to Dev Patel’s character Saroo was close to her heart because it mirrored the fact that she is an adopted mom in real life to Isabella and Connor Cruise.

“This movie is a love letter to my children,” Kidman told Town and Country magazine recently. “I can see now, for Lion, that it was important to me because I’m a mother with adopted children.”

As for her children with Urban, Kidman said on Friday that watching them grow up has been a blessing.

“They are constantly changing,” she said of her two daughters with Urban, Faith and Sunday.

“It’s just discovering their little spirits and we are so lucky to have them. We really are. They’re love children.”

Kidman says she prides herself on the fact that she was able to honor the character she portrayed in the film and in doing so was able to shine a light on one woman’s commendable conduct.

“Being able to honor this story and Sue the woman I play is just such a powerful, powerful moving tribute to humanity,” she said on Friday. “And the inherent goodness in people.”

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