The New York Times spoke with Nicole at Paris Fashion Week about her nomination, about acting, and about talking with Isabelle Huppert.

PARIS — Less than five hours after she was nominated for an Oscar for her role in “Lion,” the actress Nicole Kidman was carefully making her way down the steps of the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, surrounded by a scrum of reporters, photographers and onlookers wielding their cellphones, to the front row of the Armani Privé fashion show. The nomination was the fourth of Ms. Kidman’s career (she won the best actress award in 2003 for her role as Virginia Woolf in “The Hours”), but she still sounded excited about being in the running.

“I’m so happy. Really, just delighted,” she said about the nomination for best supporting actress, where she is up against Viola Davis and Michelle Williams, among others.

“The strangest thing is that the older I get, the more excited I feel. It’s such an honor to be recognized for this film — a project which was such a heartfelt achievement for everyone involved — and a movie that is obviously so close to my heart,” Ms. Kidman added, perhaps referring to her adoption of two children with her former husband, Tom Cruise. The movie tells the story of a lost Indian boy who is adopted by an Australian couple before, as an adult, finding his biological mother.

As she made her way to her seat, clad in a long black dress with a bow in the middle, Ms. Kidman was greeted by the Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, who said, “Congratulations.”

“I’m so happy,” responded Ms. Kidman, adding “Harvey’s happy,” referring to Harvey Weinstein, one of the film’s producers. “That’s important.”

Minutes before the show was to begin, with ushers urging people to take their seats, Ms. Kidman praised the director Garth Davis and the Australian film crew, as well as the family whose life story inspired the film. “Importantly, I also want to thank the Brierley family for putting themselves in such a vulnerable place and sharing their story with the world,” she told me.

Ms. Kidman was not the only Oscar nominee at the show. Sitting two seats over, in a slim-fitting blue pantsuit, was the French actress Isabelle Huppert, who is in the running for best actress for her role in “Elle.” It is Ms. Huppert’s first nomination.

The two actresses posed for pictures, giving each other a congratulatory handshake, a show of support no doubt made easier by the fact that they are competing in separate categories.

“What a delight to be sitting so close to Isabelle,” Ms. Kidman said. “It’s wonderful. I just want to sit here and talk to her about acting.”

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