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USA Today reported on Nicole’s response to her Academy award nomination.

There’s no place like Paris for good news.

Nicole Kidman was heading to the Armani fashion show in the City of Light when she found out news of her best supporting actress Oscar nomination for Lion.

“Is that not crazy?” asks Kidman, 49, who says she “was literally just with Isabelle Huppert,” who was nominated in the best actress category for Elle. “We were just going, ‘What an amazing moment.’ She’s been such an idol of mine for so many years so to celebrate with her is extraordinary.”

This isn’t Kidman’s first nomination. “My fourth!” she said. “I’m just amazed that…at this age, my career still is hanging in there.”

Kidman says she’s also “so happy” for her co-star Dev Patel, who scored a best supporting actor nod. Patel is the only Asian to be tapped for an acting nomination this year, but overall diversity is markedly up in the 2017 nominations, with seven non-white actors nominated in acting categories and four of the nine films nominated for best picture representing diverse stories.

“Embracing the diversity is what’s important in our world,” says Kidman. “I’m just so proud to be in a film that is that. (Lion) exemplifies that in a way because it’s an Australian family in an international adoption. Primarily, it’s a story about love and mothers, and the power of mothering and parenting. And how good love can give you so much in the world. And it takes a village.”

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