Nicole participated in the Cagle Exercise with

Any avid awards-show watcher would agree that seeing the reactions from the celebrities in the crowd is as much fun as actually watching the show — but what are the A-listers really thinking when the camera cuts to them?

Luckily, Best Supporting Actress nominee Nicole Kidman has the answer!

This week, the female nominees sat down with PEOPLE for an exclusive photo portfolio and video interviews — and Lion‘s Kidman wasn’t afraid to be honest about her internal monologue and shared some candid confessions with PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly Editorial Director Jess Cagle for The Cagle Exercise.

“When’s the bathroom break?” the actress immediately says after Cagle asks her what she’s thinking when the camera cuts to her. “My dress is so uncomfortable. And clap! Smile!”

But when she’s not thinking about when she can run to the bathroom next, Kidman also enjoys the host’s performance — choosing fellow Aussie as Hugh Jackman as one of her favorites.

“I think Hugh Jackman was really great as an Oscar host, and he’s a really great guy, too,” the actress said.

And the Oscar winner admits the best place to keep her coveted trophy from her 2003 win for The Hours is where it’ll get the attention it deserves — her parents’ house!

“Your parents’ house because then they can show it to all their friends,” Kidman admitted.

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