Nicole is featured in the 125th Anniversary Issue of Vogue Magazine. Here is a look at the article.

Don’t look, John!” jokes Nicole Kidman as she glides off to be photographed in a sequined thirties-style evening gown by Gucci. “This is a very see-through dress.”

It’s one of those sultry Tennessee afternoons when the wild petunias droop and you can hear the mosquitoes revving their engines for takeoff. All of us who’ve come for this shoot—the photographer, crew, hairstylist and makeup artist, and the Vogue editorial team—have clustered in the thick grass of a farm outside Nashville, close to the Harpeth River. We’re looking a whole lot hotter than we’d like to be.

The only one who doesn’t is the one who should. Surrounded by reflectors in the bright, clinging air, Kidman strikes pose after pose, cool as a bottle of chilled Cristal even when she later changes into a green Valentino trench coat clearly not intended for the Southern sun. You’d think there was nowhere she’d rather be than on this muggy lawn not far from the home she shares with her husband, Keith Urban, and their daughters, Sunday, nine, and six-year-old Faith.

Kidman carries herself with such immaculate poise that I remember Sofia Coppola telling me, “I even love the way Nicole stands. Her bearing is always so regal.” Indeed, it is. There’s a reason the Oscar-winning actress, who celebrated her fiftieth birthday with her family in the Bahamas this June, has appeared on Vogue’s cover eight times.

Of course, regal or not, 50 is a notoriously cruel milestone for Hollywood actresses. In fact, just a couple of years ago, you heard not-so-quiet whispers that Kidman had become passé. “Probably I was,” she admits matter-of-factly. Yet ever since she hit America in the early nineties, skeptics have underestimated Kidman’s ability to reinvent herself—from Aussie ingenue to Mrs. Tom Cruise to mainstream movie star to serious actress. And so it was again. Far from marking a ruinous downward spiral, her fiftieth year may have been the most triumphant of all in her glowing career.

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