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Extra spoke with Nicole at the AACTA awards where she spoke about her marriage to country star Keith Urban.

Over the weekend, only “Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with fellow Australian Nicole Kidman at The 7th Annual Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards.

Nicole got candid about her 11-year marriage to country superstar Keith Urban, calling herself “lucky.” She gushed, “He’s got an incredible sense of humor, he’s a great guy, he’s fun, very fun.”

When asked about the secret to their marriage, Kidman revealed, “I think it’s commitment, and also just going, ‘I love you and I like you…’ And I also see it as I am also incredibly lucky to have met the person I just love being with more than anyone in the world besides my kids. I mean, that’s a rarity.”

Nicole’s new year is off to a good start after two AACTA wins and a Golden Globe on Sunday. She is up for a SAG Award in two weeks for her role as an abused wife on “Big Little Lies.” Of her success, the 50-year-old said, “As an actor, you relish in the idea of playing complicated characters and being given the chance.”

Fans are thrilled they will have a chance to see more of “Big Little Lies” since the show will return for a second season on HBO. Nicole made sure not to give away any spoilers when asked whether her character will be diving back into the darkness of Season 1, replying, “Would I really tell you that now?”

Kidman was tight-lipped on that, but she was very vocal about the #TIMESUP movement sweeping Hollywood. She emphasized, “The times, they are a-changin’. I feel that we’re trying desperately to shift it now. I think there is outrage, outcries, and everything’s being heard.”

“We’ve all got to be willing to go, ‘Okay, this hasn’t been right for a long time, what do we do to change?’” Nicole said.

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