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As Keith continues to do press for his new album Graffiti U he stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers. He spoke about Nicole as part of the interview.

Even Keith Urban isn’t opposed to scoring a sweet deal on eBay. The country hitmaker discussed how he accumulated his extensive guitar collection during his visit on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday night (May 3), and he admitted the shopping website often comes in handy for his specific needs.

“You need a certain guitar for something, so you find one,” Urban explained. “I find a lot of guitars on eBay… I don’t collect them, but I end up with a bunch of them.” However, the singer’s array of six-strings took a big hit after Mother Nature wreaked havoc on his Nashville home a few years ago.

“I lost a bunch of them,” Urban recalled. “There was a big flood in 2010 in Nashville. I had about 50 guitars at that time, and they all went in the Cumberland River.”

Thankfully, Urban’s had the chance to restore what he lost and then some. He said he’s now accumulated “maybe 100 or so” guitars, but the process of replacing what he lost felt a little disloyal to him. He was in the middle of recording an album when the floods occurred, and it took some time before he could even find out if his lost guitars had survived.

“I started recording a record,” Urban said. “I don’t have a guitar. I was struggling with getting another guitar before I knew if they had died. It felt disrespectful to start dating so soon.”

Urban also discussed his wife Nicole Kidman’s feature on his just-released tenth album, Graffiti U. The actress was hesitant at first — “it would be like trying to get me to do a scene in something,” as explained by the musician — but her vocals can be heard on the empowering track “Female.” Urban also mentioned the recent influence Kidman has had on his interest in hockey; the pair are now known Nashville Predators fans.

When it comes to the superstar couple’s children, their 7 and 9-year-old daughters couldn’t care less about their parents’ A-list status, though. They’re much more interested in the bunks of Urban’s tour bus and the food they get to eat visiting each parent at work.

“I have catering at my shows, Mom has craft services at her sets,” Urban said. “It’s always a battle for who has the better food.”


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