Nicole’s co-star Alexander Skarsgård did an interview with Kiss 1065 in Australia and talked about filming those intense scenes with Nicole!

Basically the entire plot for season one of Big Little Lies surrounds the character Perry Wright and the destruction that he has caused in Monterey, not only towards his wife Celeste, but also to the innocent and new mother in town, Jane.

The newly released season two of the series also focuses on Perry following his shocking death at the end of season one.

This morning, the man behind the character, Alexander Skarsgard, joined Kyle and Jackie O to chat about working on Big Little Lies and what it was like to create such intense moments with his onscreen wife, Nicole Kidman.

In case you haven’t watched the series, Alexander and Nicole’s characters portray some pretty intense (to say the least) sex scenes, after it is revealed that Perry is abusive of his wife Celeste.

Speaking with Alexander this morning, Kyle and Jackie O wanted to know what it was like to film such horrific scenes with Nicole.

He explained that it certainly was an “intense” and even at times “horrible” experience, but working with someone as professional as Nicole made it slightly easier to get through.

“Those scenes were obviously quite intense to shoot,” he told us this morning.

“I mean, it was extraordinary to work with Nicole. She’s not only an incredible actress but she’s also like the most lovely and generous and sweet woman. So of course, shooting those scenes were horrible. Absolutely horrible.”

Alexander also revealed that the scenes were so physical that they actually brought in a stunt double to help out.

But he told us that Nicole refused to use the body double and instead committed to performing those violent scenes herself, to the point where she was actually bruised.

“Nicole and I had some time together to build up that trust before shooting those scenes which was crucial to have, because again, some of them are very violent and very physical and very psychologically draining,” Alexander continued.

“She is incredibly committed and we did have a body double, like a stunt double on set, for you know, when I throw her over chairs and stuff and when it gets really violent, and Nicole wanted to do it herself.”

“It kind of helped to make it more authentic,” he continued to say. “But of course it was very difficult. We were both incredibly drained and Nicole bruised after those days.”

Alexander continued to gush about Nicole Kidman and how incredible she is to work with. He also told Kyle and Jackie O about what it was like to work alongside Hollywood legend Meryl Streep, who joins season two to play Perry’s mother, Mary Louise Wright.

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