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Nicole is featured on the cover of Glamour UK.

She was The Sparkling Diamond in Moulin Rouge! and shone a light on domestic violence in Big Little Lies, but as Nicole Kidman stars in Sky Atlantic mega hit The Undoing, Josh Smith meets an icon who, during her 30 years in Hollywood – and beyond – has had to overcome plenty of her own professional and personal hurdles…

It’s 2.32am on a Monday morning and unsurprisingly, I am half-asleep when the phone rings. “Hello Josh, it’s Nicole and yes, you are dreaming,” the voice says. It takes me a few seconds to really register this – but yes, NICOLE FRICKING KIDMAN is calling me in her soothing Ozzie accent. I can hear my teenage, Moulin Rouge!-obsessed self screeching the words to the Elephant Love Medley in excitement.

It’s not every day your very early alarm clock is an interview with an Oscar-winning actress whose career has spanned three entire decades, (basically my whole life) after breaking through in the 1980s at 22-years-old with the TV show Bangkok Hilton and the movie Dead Calm. Nicole has since nailed every single genre going, from musicals, namely the aforementioned Moulin Rouge!, to superheroes films Aquaman and Batman Returns, and deep dramas including The Hours, Lion and Bombshell, to TV hits Big Little Lies and most recently, The Undoing (more on that later). In further proof that the 53-year-old has literally done it ALL, Nicole has even featured on her own No.1 single, Somethin’ Stupid opposite Robbie Williams – and it’s still a bop. Lest we forget.

For all the awards and blockbusters, it hasn’t always been glittering success. In 2010 Nicole took her career into her own hands by launching her production company Blossom Films, starting with her Oscar-nominated role as a grieving mother in Rabbit Hole and going on to collaborate with Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine with Big Little Lies where she played Celeste, a mother tormented mentally and physically by her abusive husband.

“I was not getting to play the things that I was being offered a decade prior,” Nicole says, candidly. Speaking from her film trailer in Australia, where she’s starring in and producing her latest TV show Nine Perfect Strangers – about a group of stressed city dwellers who descend on an island paradise to bask in the glow of Nicole’s Russian wellness guru. She continues, “I knew there were great stories out there for women, but they weren’t being funded and everyone kept saying, ‘There’s no interest… they are going to flop’ or ‘The only thing you can do is romantic comedies,’ or ‘You can go into theatre?’

“So, I went and did Photograph 51 (in London’s West End in 2015) thinking, theatre is the way you go now, and I can go and explore Rosalind Franklin, this scientist whose life was never celebrated for what she contributed to society and to the world.

At this stage in her life, how liberating has it been to take control of her own career? “Honestly it’s been a surprise, because as much as you think, it would be amazing to have some sort of control over my destiny as an actor, the actual reality of it happening is so far-fetched. Especially where I was at, before Big Little Lies, people always said, ‘Oh, well, you make about four or five good things and then usually it’s over.’”

Sexism has naturally had a part to play in the script of Nicole’s life. For someone who was integral to the#MeToo and #TimesUp movements, encouraging Hollywood to wear black to the Golden Globes in 2018 in a protest against its inequalities and abuses, I wonder: from that moment when she zipped up that black Givenchy dress, how far do she think we have come? “Oh, my gosh,” Nicole exhales. “I think it’s still work in progress, but I’ve worked with some of the greatest. When you watch Meryl Streep’s career – she’s become a very good friend of mine – and what she’s managed to do… I really use her as a beacon as she’s always saying there’s still so much work to be done. And there is.

“I think there’s a lot more safety,” she goes on. “I read an interview recently about the way they made Normal People. There’s a lot of sexuality in that show, but both actors felt very safe and they were able to still do these really intimate things. That’s amazing, but is there still an incredible disparity? Yes. Are we all working to change it? I hope so and we’ll continue to. I hope the generations to come look back and go, ‘Wow. That was good work.’”

Read the rest of the article here.

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Executive Producer David E. Kelley answers some of the fans unanswered questions related to the Undoing with TVLine’s Michael Ausiello!

The following story contains massive spoilers from all six episodes of The Undoing — proceed at your own peril

Sunday’s series finale of HBO’s The Undoing (read recap here) solved the big “Who killed Elena?” mystery, but we still have so many unanswered questions about the six-episode thriller. And since there is little chance of the limited series returning for a second season, we rang up exec producer David E. Kelley and kindly, gently sought closure on a myriad of topics, including Grace’s perplexing “flashbacks,” Franklin’s mysterious $500K loan to Jonathan and Haley’s killer courtroom declaration.

TVLINE | Were you tempted at all to deviate from the source material and have someone other than Jonathan turn out to be the killer?
No. It was always Jonathan, right from the beginning. We never wavered on that.

TVLINE | Before he killed Elena, Jonathan lied to Grace about needing to go to an out-of-town medical conference. Should we interpret that to mean the murder was pre-meditated? And, if not, why did Jonathan manufacture this business trip?
[Laughs] I am not going to answer that for fear of spoiling part of the fun of people rewatching [the series] and asking the very question you are asking. I’m going to plead the fifth on that one. But it’s a good question.

TVLINE | Fleeting flashbacks to the crime scene were woven throughout all six episodes, and they typically appeared to be from Grace’s point of view. But now we know they couldn’t have been, since she was never there. Was she just imagining what the crime scene might’ve looked like?
Correct. We played with that point-of-view construct, that they could be accurate memories or they could be her imagination. And they were the latter.

TVLINE | I was surprised the Elena-Grace kiss from the first episode never came up during the murder investigation or subsequent trial, especially since the elevator probably had a camera. Did you ever consider having that come out?
Yes, we did, actually. We did. It was a private home, so there wasn’t a camera. But there were a couple of scripts early on where Grace admitted to Haley that Elena had kissed her. We [ultimately] didn’t keep that in the script [because] we felt it took us more sideways and didn’t advance the defense. But it was a plot point that we kicked around for a bit, whether that should come back to incriminate Grace more than the footage of her walking by the crime scene.

TVLINE | There was a lot of fan speculation about Sylvia. Some theorized that she was the killer, others wondered if she was the other woman Jonathan had an affair with. Were either things ever considered?
No. In designing the episodes, we were inviting people to play with their biases and their curiosity and their version of the truth. There were scenes with Sylvia that were deliberately cryptic, but it was never part of the master plan to have her be part of the crime. I’m not on social media, but I was hearing that some people speculated that Franklin was having a relationship with her or Jonathan was having a relationship with her. And when I go back and look at the episodes I make room for the possibility that people might fill in some of those blanks and arrive at those conclusions. But it was never part of the plot. [Read what Hugh Grant had to say about the identity of the mysterious second woman in Jonathan’s life.]

TVLINE | One of our readers suggested that perhaps Sylvia was Jonathan’s dead younger sister…
[Laughs] I think we’ll write the sequel by committee if we do one. There were a lot of ingenious ideas that spring up.

TVLINE | Before they learn that Henry put the sculpting hammer through the dishwasher, Jonathan brings up that the murder weapon might actually exonerate him. Knowing what we know now, why on earth would he suggest that?
Because he’s pathological. He even suggested to Grace that Henry could be the killer. This was a serious poker player here. On one hand, it looks like he could be on an innocent fishing expedition to get out information, when in fact he’s manipulating his audience and trying to influence their behavior.

TVLINE | What did Jonathan do with the $500K loan he got from Franklin?
Oh, now you’re gonna tax my old memory. [Laughs] I don’t think we accounted for all of it. He was paying for Miguel’s scholarship at Reardon. And he was probably paying for trips with Elena. He might’ve even donated a few dollars to a worthy cause, because that’s Jonathan.

TVLINE | When did Haley become aware that Jonathan was, in fact, guilty? I was thrown when, in the finale, she chided him for not doing a better job of getting rid of the murder weapon.
Haley probably figured he was guilty right from the get-go. But the question [of his guilt or innocence] is irrelevant to her. It’s about burden of truth and whether she can create reasonable doubt or not. She looks at all of the evidence that is available to her, and she plays her hand accordingly. Haley would’ve been zealously representing Jonathan, guilty or innocent.

TVLINE | You jokingly mentioned doing a sequel by committee. Do you see any dramatic potential in a Season 2? Or are you satisfied with this being the end of the story?
I think we’re satisfied. We’re happy with the way it ended. I said there wouldn’t be [a second season of] Big Little Lies, so I won’t say that now. I learned my lesson. But that is not our intent.

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The Oscar winner shares daughters Sunday, 12, and Faith, 9, with husband Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman is getting candid about how 2020 has affected her kids.

The Undoing actress, 53, opened up to Glamour U.K. for the magazine’s November digital issue, revealing how her two young daughters — Sunday Rose, 12, and Faith Margaret, 9, whom she shares with husband Keith Urban — have handled the lockdown put in place earlier this year due to the pandemic.

Kidman said though they were somewhat used to virtual learning since they travel often because of their famous parents’ jobs, they miss seeing their friends on a regular basis.

“Our kids — because we travel, and we won’t be apart — are used to having to learn online, but the social distance has been very difficult for them,” said Kidman, who is also mom to two adult children with ex-husband Tom Cruise, son Connor, 25, and daughter Isabella, 27. “They are working through the emotions.”

“For a 12 year old, it’s about not being able to access friends easily — that’s a whole thing which every parent will be going through. And then, there’s a 9 year old, who’s socially forming. One of the hardest things is just watching them pine and yearn for their friends,” she added. “I pine and yearn for my friends too.”

Elsewhere in the Glamour U.K. interview, Kidman said that her sister Antonia and three of her kids moved in with Kidman while she shoots the new Hulu series Nine Perfect Strangers in Australia, making for quite the full house.

“I just love kids. I said once, ‘I prefer children to adults.’ I like adults more now, not more than kids, though,” she said. “I love being around children and we’ve got five kids living with me now because Keith had to go back [to Nashville] to release his album. So, my sister moved in to help me while I’m filming, and we have three of her younger kids — she has six — living with us.”

“It’s just fun because I just find their perspective not so heavy,” continued Kidman. “It puts you in a more childlike place where you go, ‘I can move through this and it can be fleeting. It doesn’t have to become a massive weight.’ ”

Kidman recently told The Daily Telegraph about how her family was able to stay “healthy and safe” during the lockdown.

“We just hunkered down and did what we were told,” she recalled. “We’ve watched friends go to hell and back and have watched the world navigate this together, and I think we are all just going, ‘Is this really happening?’ … Keith and I have that conversation where we go, ‘I can’t even believe this has happened.’ “


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Some additional posters and stills have been released of Nicole from The Prom.

Gallery Links:
Nicole Kidman Online > CAREER > Films > 2020 | The Prom

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More publicity stills have been released for The Undoing.

Gallery Links:
Nicole Kidman Online > Television > 2020 | The Undoing > Season One

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Finally caught up all of the captures for the first four episodes of The Undoing. They are all in our gallery now. BTW – love this series. If you aren’t watching, you need to!

Gallery Links:
Nicole Kidman Online > Television > 2020 | The Undoing > Season One > Episode Captures

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Added a bunch of stills from the first three episodes of Nicole’s new mini-series (which I highly recommend watching) The Undoing.

Gallery Links:
Nicole Kidman Online > Television > 2020 | The Undoing > Season One

She also revealed she’s hoping for another season of “Big Little Lies.”

Nicole Kidman opened up about her marriage to Keith Urban and gushed about what a wonderful dad he is to their daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret in a new interview on TODAY.

“He’s such a good man, as I’ve said before,” the “Big Little Lies” actress told Jenna Bush Hager on Friday. “I’m married to a really good man. And the kids have a great father and that’s a very beautiful thing to be able to say.”

Kidman, 53, is obviously her husband’s biggest fan and during the pandemic, she’s been joining him for fun Instagram live concerts, where he performs and she dances around to his music. She said she hopes their cute, lighthearted concerts bring people moments of happiness during a difficult time.

“We just tried to go, OK, this is the situation,” she told Jenna. “There were so many people just hurting, as there is still, and trying to be incredibly respectful of that but just spread a little joy, which was what his music was trying, was doing.”

Urban even joked that his wife is his “groupie” in one video, which she didn’t mind at all.

“I’m happy to be your backup singer, your groupie,” she said. “Whatever you need me to be.”

When she’s not appearing in Instagram videos with her husband, Kidman has been busy at work on her new HBO show, “The Undoing.”

In the thriller miniseries, Kidman stars as Grace, a therapist married to Jonathan (Hugh Grant). Grace thinks she is happily married until a shocking incident pulls the rug out from under her and makes her question everything she thought she knew about her husband.

This series marks the first time Kidman and Grant have worked together, though they’ve known each other for years.

“We’ve known each other for a couple of decades,” she said. “And you always say to people, I’d love to work with you. And actually I never said that to him. I was just always a ‘Hi, Hugh.’ And then, but a bit deep down I’ve always wanted to work with him … he’s so good and he’s obviously incredibly witty and charming.”

Many fans have been wondering whether there will be a third season of Kidman’s other acclaimed HBO series, “Big Little Lies.” Kidman couldn’t reveal whether there’s a new season on the way, but she hinted that she and her fellow cast members would love to reunite for more episodes.

“We’re all very close so our desire is for there to be a season three,” she said. “Part of the thing is trying to make something happen … creatively it’s lovely if something evolves and struggles on … there’s definitely the passion and the desire and I just want to go back to Monterey and hang out with my girls!”

In the meantime, Kidman is feeling grateful. When Jenna asked the legendary actress if she ever feels “astonished” when she looks back at her incredible body of work, Kidman said that’s a good way to describe it.

“Yeah. Astonished is a great word,” she said. “On my knees going, thank you for giving me this path in life.”

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HBO’s new series “The Undoing” marks the first time Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant have worked together, but becoming the married couple at the center of the series didn’t take too much effort.

“I remember the read-through when we first came to New York,” Kidman tells Variety. “We read all of it in one sitting, didn’t we, which was a great way of doing it … because we just had to jump in and it was really fun and then I remember going to get a cup of tea with [Grant] and asking me lots of really personal questions. I was like, ‘Here we go.’”

Based on Jean Hanff Korelitz’s bestselling novel “You Should Have Known” and created by David E. Kelley, “The Undoing” stars Kidman as Grace Fraser, a New York City psychotherapist whose life unravels when her pediatric oncologist husband Jonathan [Grant] is accused of a gruesome murder. Noah Jupe co-stars as their son and Donald Sutherland plays Grace’s wealthy father.

Variety caught up with Kidman, Grant and series director Susanne Bier ahead of Sunday night’s premiere of the six-part series.

Kidman was already attached to the project when she approached Bier to direct. “I was staying in Los Angeles and Nicole come to my hotel to — I don’t want to say seduce because that may be misunderstood [laughs] — but absolutely convinced me to do it in a very, very convincing way, as in, ‘you’re not going to stay alive if you don’t do it’ kind of thing,” Bier recalled.

It was Bier’s idea to cast Grant. “I have wanted to work with Hugh forever and I thought this was the chance,” Bier said. “They would be a really great, sexy couple.”

Kidman agreed. “Part of the way in which this has to work is that you want these people to be together,” she said. “I hope people want us to be together — not in real life obviously — but I hope that’s the desire on screen.”

Grant was fascinated by the idea that Jonathan may not be the saintly doctor that so many people think he is. “One gets the feeling ‘what a lovely man, but is he too lovely?’” he said. “The metaphor I always had in my head was you’re wearing a lovely old cotton shirt and then you start to think, ‘Is there a tiny bit of viscose in this cotton? It is a bit too easy to iron.’”

Noticing Kidman’s perplexed look, Grant said, “Does that make any sense or do I sound insane?”

Kidman replied, “You’re going loopy now, too.”

As for Kidman’s take on Grace, she said she gained insight from her character’s need to walk alone through New York City. “The idea of someone who just walks, who goes out to just process things, walking to escape, to hide,” she said. “I wasn’t quite sure how that was going to work. We shot so much of that. The hypnotic quality suddenly became … how I entered her.”

Bier was amazed how effortlessly Kidman transformed into Grace while rehearsing and filming. She said the Oscar winner could be holding a cup of tea one minute as herself, but as soon as she became Grace, she actually changed the way she held the cup. “Nicole is able to access a different character in an almost scary way,” Bier said. “I think Nicole is from out of space or something, or a mutant.”

Kidman cracked, “I’m from that far-off planet. Have you heard of it? Pluto! I want to be from Pluto.”

Grant took it a bit further by describing Kidman’s acting as “witch craft” because it was so distinctive, as opposed to his more analytical approach.

Kidman shot back, “Now I’m saying I’m from planets. I’m a witch. It’s going to get really tough for me out there. I want be a fairy. I want to be a fairy from Pluto.”

Whatever the case may be, Grant feels confident “The Undoing” is going to be a hit because one of his toughest critics is a fan.

“I watched it with my wife and she has pretty much hated everything I’ve ever done, but she was obsessed with this,” he said. “If I had said, ‘No, we’re not watching another episode tonight,’ she would have physically harmed me.”


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