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In David E. Kelley’s latest, the duo play a couple living their best lives until a catastrophic death sparks a tragic chain of events.

There’s good news for people scared that HBO’s upcoming limited series “The Undoing” would be a half-hearted rehash of discarded “Big Little Lies” plots. Created and written by David E. Kelley and starring Nicole Kidman, the show turns out to have a deeply psychological core which allows for involving storytelling that’s hard to tear yourself away from.

“Choosing to unknow things is a fascinating part of human nature — when and what you choose to believe and what you choose to see,” Kidman said at the TCA panel for “The Undoing” in Pasadena, CA on Wednesday morning.

It’s a peculiar quirk of human behavior and “The Undoing” explores it for all its worth. Adapted from the Jean Hanff Korelitz novel “You Should Have Known,” Kidman and co-star Hugh Grant play Grace and Jonathan Fraser, a couple living their best lives until a catastrophic death sparks a tragic chain of events from which they will likely never recover. The trailer shown in the room at TCA characterized Grace as a woman with the ability to read people and their motivations, only to find her insight lacking when applied to her own life.

“The great thing about the series – and what really drew me to it – is that it’s so twisty and nothing is as it seems,” Kidman said. The actress added that it was difficult to elaborate, given that the assembled journalists had only been provided two episodes of the series and she wanted to avoid spoilers.

“This particular piece, the theme and the core of denial that these characters lived in and inhabited, drew me in,” Kelley explained. “The propensity that they all had to draw false narratives about who they were, who their partners were, who people in their lives were, and giving rise to delusions that have a surprising tenacity.”

“We live in a world where, let’s face it, the facts are the facts, but the story is better,” the scribe continued. “In relationships, that can be true as well.”

But whether or not the central couple’s marriage is shot through with deception, Grant isn’t ready to have the audience cast aspersions on his character just yet, rejecting the idea that he’s a bad guy. “You don’t know from what you’ve seen whether I’m nice or nasty,” the actor jokingly chided a journalist. “If you’ve seen [Episode 2], I’m not entirely as lovely as I seem in [Episode 1]. But you don’t know if I’m evil or not.”

That said, he isn’t exactly opposed to donning the black hat, as opposed to the white one. Grant described the characters he’s been playing for the last six years “consistently vile.” “Richard Curtis, who wrote all those romantic comedies I did [or a lot of them], it always used to make him laugh that people thought I, Hugh, was that nice, bumbling Englishman because he knew exactly the reverse was true,” he continued. “It’s very nice to be closer to home.”

In fact, one of Grant’s most recent villainous turns came in 2018’s critically-beloved “Paddington 2,” in a role that served as a spiritual sibling to the villain of 2015’s “Paddington,” played by none other than Kidman. Naturally, the connection did not go unnoticed.

Asked if the pair found occasion to discuss Paddington between takes, Grant assured the room that “he was very much with us” during filming.

“We talked about Paddington before almost every scene,” Kidman quipped.

And if an ever-expanding media landscape makes one contemplate giving up and watching “Paddington 2” exclusively for the rest of the year, know that if nothing else, Kelley understands and has tried his hardest to be deserving of your precious screen time.

“The public has so much to watch,” he said. “It’s a burden. Why you? Why should they tune into you? We tried to be very true to living up to that addictive quality. We know that we have to rise up to that level.”

For those willing to take the ride with “The Undoing,” the six-installment limited series directed in its entirety by Susanne Bier, debuts in May.


Personally, I can’t wait either!

Nicole Kidman is an award season pro! The “Bombshell” star jokes with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall at the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards that her stunning Armani gown is malfunction-proof after multiple wardrobe mishaps over the years. Nicole also teases how excited she is to work with Melissa McCarthy on “Nine Perfect Strangers” from “Big Little Lies” author Liane Moriarty. And, the Oscar winner shares gratitude for the “extraordinary” support for Australian wildfire relief.

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Nicole looked gorgeous in a strapless embroidered lace Armani Privé gown from the January 2005 collection as she walked the red carpet.

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Nicole & Keith participated in a great interview with Access Hollywood at the Golden Globes as they talk to Access Hollywood! They send their love to Australia, talking about Nicole’s newest projects, and Keith gushed about Nicole’s great choices when she is acting.

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While Nicole did not take home a win at the Golden Globes she won the red carpet in a beautiful strapless red column gown with pleated bodice detailing designed by Versace.

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Nicole had fun stopping and talking to her friends Scarlett Johansson and Laura Dern during their interviews!

Scarlett Johansson

Laura Dern

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The New Year has come and we get to start the fun of the Awards season … the first event was the Gold Meets Golden event.

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In November, Charlize & Nicole attended a press conference in Beverly Hills for their film Bombshell. Pictures have been released and are now in our gallery.

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In November, Charlize & Nicole attended a press conference in Beverly Hills for their film Bombshell. Pictures have been released and are now in our gallery.

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“Those things are already being embedded in my little girls,” the actress said of instilling self-esteem and confidence to stand up against sexual harassment, themes explored in her new film

Nicole Kidman is ensuring that her daughters, from a young age, are prepared for adulthood.

The Oscar-winning actress, 52, stars in the new film Bombshell — which also stars Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly, and Margot Robbie as a Fox News worker — a story about the female news network employees who come forward with claims they were sexually harassed by former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, played by John Lithgow.

Kelly and Carlson, both former employees of the network, claimed sexual harassment from Ailes during their careers.

It’s a role that Kidman says has helped her to teach her own young daughters — Sunday Rose, 11, and Faith Margaret, 8, who she shares with husband Keith Urban (Kidman also has two children, Isabella, 26, and Connor, 24, with ex-husband Tom Cruise) — about right and wrong in the real world, though it’s not a new conversation in her household.

“I have already ventured into those topics but in a very … you know, when you deal with young girls and what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate, and having the right to say ‘no,’ and having the self-esteem and all of those things,” Kidman told PEOPLE at the Bombshell premiere in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

“Those things are already being embedded in my little girls,” she added.

In taking on projects like Bombshell — as well as HBO’s Big Little Lies, which explores issues of domestic violence and assault — Kidman hopes to shine a light on real-life topics that may go unnoticed by survivors or bystanders.

“I think that a lot of times with this subject matter that it’s so insidious that a lot of people don’t realize how it’s happening or why it’s happening or that it’s happening,” she said. “So hopefully these stories help to bring it out into the conversation, but also the realizations.”

Kidman, who recently received her second Golden Globe nomination for her Big Little Lies role and a SAG nomination for portraying Carlson in Bombshell, continued: “When you see it on-screen it becomes so much more. I just think that that’s why we tell the stories and it’s so wonderful when you’re in films that actually bring out conversation and bring out people’s opinions and make people either angry or upset or emotional or all of those things.”

Outside of the big screen, Carlson, 53, previously told PEOPLE that living at the center of the events depicted in Bombshell and coming out on the other side of the controversy has also influenced her own children.

“What I found out is that the courage it took me to come forward is actually contagious,” she said in June. “They got it. Both my son and my daughter have become more courageous in their lives and the impact that me coming forward has [had] on them has probably been the most important thing I’ve done in my life so far.”

Bombshell is in select theaters on Friday, and nationwide on Dec. 20.


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