Bush Christmas
Character: Helen
Directed by: Henri Safran
Written by: Ted Roberts
Produced by: Paul D. Barron, Gilda Baracchi
Other cast: John Ewart, John Howard, Mark Spain, James Wingrove
Release date: December 22, 1983 (Australia)
Genre: Drama, Family
Running time: 1h 31min

Helen and John live on a farm in the Australian outback, where their father works as a cattle driver. Unfortunately, the family is deeply in debt, and their only hope is Prince, a horse they have entered into the annual New Year's Cup. As Christmas comes around, a pair of thieves steal Prince and take him to the mountains -- but they don't count on the resourcefulness of the Thompson kids, helped by Manalpuy, a local Aborigine.


• The much loved Australian story of an outback family and a Christmas adventure that they would never forget


• Actress Nicole Kidman received an ‘introducing’ credit.
• Debut cinema movie of actress Nicole Kidman.

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