Character: Nicola Radcliffe
Directed by: John Duigan
Written by: John Duigan
Produced by: Barbara Gibbs, Doug Mitchell, George Miller, Terry Hayes
Other cast: Noah Taylor, Thandie Newton, Bartholomew Rose, Felix Nobis
Release date: March 21, 1991 (Australia)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Running time: 1h 39min

Danny Embling leaves home to attend an all-male boarding school. An all-female prep school is located nearby, and, over a series of joint social activities, Embling falls under the spell of one of its more freethinking students: Thandiwe Adjewa, who comes from Uganda. But their quietly developing romance is threatened by racial prejudice and Danny's awkwardness in affairs of the heart.


• Here’s to risks

Character’s Quotes

• Do you remember the young guy who was fixing the bell tower? I used to take him a cup of tea each morning before assembly. I rather liked him even though he never said anything much. I used to… close my eyes… and sit on a chair… and let him touch me all over… as long as he promised not to take anything off. I thought it was so exquisitely daring I’d almost faint. I’d have to sit down because I was trembling so much, my legs would’ve given way. Afterwards I’d be reading the lesson, convinced all the teachers must know because… because I was so shivery delicious all over.

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