Grace of Monaco
Character: Grace
Directed by: Olivier Dahan
Written by: Arash Amel
Produced by: Arash Amel, Uday Chopra, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam
Other cast: Tim Roth, Frank Langella, Paz Vega, Parker Posey
Genre: Biography, Drama, Romance
Running time: 1h 43min

Despite her husband's misgivings, Grace Kelly considers returning to Hollywood to star in "Marnie," but a political dispute between Monaco and France forces her to make a difficult choice.


• The greatest role Grace Kelly would ever play.


• Nicole Kidman has stated that the movie is not a documentary, nor a biopic. Instead, it is the research of Grace Kelly’s vulnerability and humanity.

Character’s Quotes

• The idea of my life as a fairytale is itself a fairytale.
• Maybe I’m naive, but I believe in fairytales. I do, I believe they can exist if we really want them to. If, if we’re prepared to work hard enough. I believe that the world will not always be full of hatred and conflict, if we’re willing to sacrifice enough.
• [last line] All I’ve wished for in life is to belong, to love and be loved, without doubt, without judgement, without condition.This will be my fairytale.

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