The Golden Compass
Character: Mrs. Marisa Coulter
Directed by: Chris Weitz
Written by: Chris Weitz
Produced by: Bill Carraro, Deborah Forte
Other cast: Dakota Blue Richards, Daniel Craig, Sam Elliott, Eva Green
Release date: December 7, 2007 (US & UK)
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Running time: 1h 53min

Lyra Belacqua lives in a parallel world in which human souls take the form of lifelong animal companions called daemons. Dark forces are at work in the girl's world, and many children have been kidnapped by beings known as Gobblers. Lyra vows to save her best friend, Roger, after he disappears too. She sets out with her daemon, a tribe of seafarers, a witch, an ice bear and a Texas airman on an epic quest to rescue Roger and save her world.


• “It is the Alethiometer. It tells the truth. As for how to read it, you’ll have to learn by yourself.”
• There are worlds beyond our own – the compass will show the way.


• In December 2007, Nicole Kidman hosted a special screening of this movie for the sick children at Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick, New South Wales, Australia.
• Nicole Kidman originally turned the role as Marisa Coulter down, but Philip Pullman (the author of “His Dark Materials”) convinced her to take the role.
• Nicole Kidman was raised as a Catholic, and on the topic of religious controversies of the movie, she announced that she wouldn’t have participated in the movie if she felt it went against her religious beliefs.

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