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The Peacemaker
Character: Dr. Julia Kelly
Directed by: Mimi Leder
Written by: Andrew Cockburn, Leslie Cockburn, Michael Schiffer
Produced by: Andrew Cockburn, Branko Lustig, John Wells, Laurie MacDonald
Other cast: George Clooney, Marcel Iures, Aleksandr Baluev, Rene Medvesek
Release date: September 26, 1997
Genre: Action, Thriller
Running time: 2h 4min

Two trains collide in rural Russia, one of them housing nuclear weapons that go missing after the wreck, and the U.S. government is alerted. Nuclear specialist Dr. Julia Kelly believes that there will soon be a terrorist attack, so Lt. Col. Thomas Devoe joins Dr. Kelly as they try to track down the warhead-stealing culprits. They learn that Yugoslav terrorist Gavrich has his hands on the weapons, and he's plotting a devastating attack on New York.


• This is not a test.
• In the fall of 1997, every nuclear device in the world will be accounted for… Except one.
• How do you get the world’s attention?


• Unlike their characters, George Clooney and Nicole Kidman got along very well on and off the set. In fact, Clooney, a notorious prankster, never pulled a prank on Kidman, out of respect.
• George Clooney and Nicole Kidman were both raised Catholic. Clooney was an altar boy.

Character’s Quotes

• Whether it’s important to you or not, there are people out there who don’t care about money, who don’t give a damn about respect. People who believe the killing of innocent men and women is justified. For them it is about rage, frustration, hatred… they feel pain and they’re determined to share it with the world.
• No, I don’t think you’re stupid. I think you’re a talented soldier with sloppy impulse control.

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